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In Saturn-Pluto in Leo a massive re-defining of territorial boundaries occurred across the world. Russia grew, Saudi-Arabia emerged and the US set about becoming a super-power. Go back some years to Saturn conjunct Pluto in Gemini and King Charles 1 was beheaded, the monarchy abolished and a republic the Commonwealth of England declared.

And these are just a handful of developments presided over by Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. But is there nothing redeemable about a Saturn-Pluto conjunction? Since Saturn is synonymous with governments, the establishment and law and order and Pluto synonymous with underground forces, the deep past, the deep state — deep everything — the potential for eliminating the old, the out-worn, the inappropriate, and the opportunity to expose the rot beneath the surface of pretty well everything in order for new paradigms — a new world — to emerge out of the ashes is surely to be welcomed.

On an individual level when these two planets come together, our parents and our forebears the Saturn principle become the source of Plutonic transformation. We see them in a new light.

Weekly Horoscope February 24 to March 2, 12222: Here's the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

We revisit our past. And the narrative changes. Belief-systems, life-rules and strategies we individually have built up and relied upon over the years may no longer support us; new structures must emerge from the old. The Saturn-Pluto process can be purging yet cleansing. Reading the characteristics that our co-workers display and learning how to cooperate with them successfully lies at the heart of Astrology in the Workplace.

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Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Weekly Horoscope February Find out what lies ahead in your future. Weekly Horoscope Predictions February 10 to While personal accountability is necessary, don't go looking to others for validation. You might be trying to avoid addressing something perhaps from the past with your partner or someone close to you. However, know that taking the passive aggressive route won't get you the results that you're looking for. It's time to speak up and say what you feel.

ticmonacongde.tk Change begins with you. You might be feeling some push and pull between wanting to be your usual charming and flirty self and wanting a connection with someone that's more substantial. This weekend use your powers of discernment and focus on establishing a more substantial romance.

Feed your heart. You might have plans or ideas for the future and it may seem like your partner or perhaps a family member isn't on board. Instead of sulking about the issue, this could be a good time to have a direct and unfiltered conversation with this person. It could help turn things around.

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You might be feeling extra opinionated now but before you start letting your words fly, you might want to consider if what you're sharing has the capacity to hurt or heal others. Either way, it might be best to consider the feelings of someone else before you speak. Exercise tenderness. You might need to have a difficult conversation this weekend with your partner or someone that you share bills with about a financial matter.

While the situation might be uncomfortable, it's necessary for you to speak up and honor your truth. Allow others to take responsibility for themselves.