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This article was published on the WWW. This post is about my predictions which are based on my in-depth knowledge of astrology a far as I have been able to understand astrology and different aspects of human interest. Rikhav Khimasia Astrology the way it was intended to be. Introduction With the current aggression that Sri Lanka has developed against the violent separatist group, especially since Febr…. My prediction on Pakistan's Terrorist activities, Bang On. A prediction done a decade back. Read the last two paragraphs of the article.

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Introduction When Mumbai was brutally attacked by terrorists, not only India was aghast, but the entire world stood in disbelief. Again, a past article of yore, Why is the Indian Judiciary so slow? Enjoy reading and commenting. Why is Pakistan often blamed for abetting Terrorism? An article written long back. Sharing for those interested in educational pursuits of astrology.

Below is the link to my article. Lets see what influences it will have on corporate affairs. Good for the manufacturing sectors as a whole, more so ones that have to do more with engineering, heat, chemicals, arms, ammunition, bricks, fire, explosives, furnaces, copper, kilns, fertilizers, refractories, foundaries, distilleries, energy, machines, energy generation industry, machineries in general, welding and its related industry, hardwares in general, almost all metals in general, detergents, plastics, construction industry as a whole in general, building materials in specific, railways, petrochemical industry in general, chillies, masoor, red coloured products, gains, mud, etc.

Lets see w…. From 7th Feb to 23rd March , Mars the lord of your sign Aries it is also the lord of the sign Scorpio , is powerfully placed in its own sign Aries. Everyone who has Sun in Aries Vedic not the regular western sun sign system. From 7th Feb to 23rd March , Mars the lord of your sign Aries it is also the lord of the sign S….

Rikhav khimasia astrologer

A good business plan is the heart and soul of any successful business. It can help you secure finance, prioritise your efforts and evaluate opportunities. Strategic Business planning with help of Management Consultants.

pierreducalvet.ca/map37.php PLUS 2. Strategic Business planning based on your horoscope and the horoscope of your establishment. Business Astrology consultation with Rikhav Khmasia may include 1. What type of business your planets suggest Trading, agent, service business, manufacturing etc. Which commodity, product, service, what combination? Moving from Service to Business? Timing 5. Product launching 7.

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Cautionary periods of your company 9. Caution times for you A lot more. Are you a Businessman? If yes and facing Business Problems? Concerned about trusting Rikhav Khimasia with Astrological guidance? Fees Rs. Rikhav Khimasia is an experienced Management Graduate in Business, Mfg, Trading and scaling up businesses through Fundamentals and principles of 1.

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Did your problem get solved by any Astrological OR Vaastu remedial product you bought. Lalabhai Jyotish Centre Astrologer. Kiro Jyotishyalaya Astrologer. Krishnanagar, Ahmedabad. Om Hari Astro Centre Astrologer.

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Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. Jayshree Panchal Astrologer. Gheekanta road, Ahmedabad. Amrish Rajput Astrologer. Behrampura, Ahmedabad. Top Searches Palmist astrologer Gemstones astrologer Vaastu astrologer Lucky stones astrologer Birth stones astrologer Numerologist astrologer. Home Appliances Kitchen Appliances by Ho Carpenters Carpenter near me in Ahmedaba With a very open mind and experimental approach, he is open to anything new in astrology.

With his dedication and spirit to excel in this profession, he has proved his mettle by providing astounding predictions that could be found on the internet. Get your problems solved with the experience and knowledge of Astrologer Rikkhav. You contact him on his email ID rikhavkhimasia gmail.

Rikhav Khimasia recieving certificate on completion of 6 months Training of Trainers program - by Guruji G.

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Skip to main content. Share in Your Network: Astrology portals, tele-communication, softwares, management. Since , while in college he took up family responsibilities by joining the family business of trading in red dry whole chillies and garlic. In his tenure at http: Rikhav Khimasia, has a detailed experience in dealing with issues like,.