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Aries cats are certainly not dull. They make the perfect guide dogs and are great with children.

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Taurus are big softies and everyone adores their kind nature. These dogs are strong when young but get fat with age. Their first love is food but a close second is music. They get bored so quickly that they need constant attention.

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They thrive in new environments and will love it if you ask a friend to have them for a few days. They love to show off. With fleet-footed mercury as their ruling planet, Gemini greyhounds are some of the fastest runners of them all.

But keep an eye on your Gemini dog for they are unfaithful and may run away forever! They may meow back as if to answer us. They are also highly strung and hyperactive. The Gemini cat is sleek, long limed and has good eyesight. They are exceptionally bright and will soon learn to open the cat flap for themselves. They need to know that you need them and so require constant patting and reassurance. They make wonderful parents so you should allow them to have a litter if possible. They are also good with children and think that they are one of them.

CATS: With the moon as the ruler of Cancer it is not surprising that cats born under this sign are true to their nocturnal nature. And they love the sound of their own voice. They make excellent police dogs and will fearlessly chase criminals, enter blazing buildings or sniff out bombs. Dogs praised for their bravery or pampered by royalty are more often than not born under the sign of Leo. Your Leo dog cannot bear to be ignored. Leo dogs are fiercely loyal and would rather die to protect you than allow you to come to any harm.

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CATS: Cats born under their natural feline sign of Leo in pet astrology are the most fortunate of creatures. They will experience good health and be extremely lucky — nine lives are just the start. They will be born into affluent homes.

Most Leo cats will have long hair but the naturally long-haired varieties, such as Persians, will be exceptionally beautiful even show cats. Pampered Leos are likely to attract wealth so for them quality collars and baskets are the norm. They are the cleanest and most hygienic of all the pet zodiac. Hard-working Dog-Cancer are not afraid of the most responsible work. At the same time they forget about their embarrassment, easily dismiss all fears and doubts.

CANCER Year of the DOG (Yang Earth) Chinese Astrology Horoscope 2018, 2078…

Cancer-Dogs are emotional, impressionable natures, capable of deep experiences. Sometimes they are too fond of their fantasies and lose touch with reality. Although a rich imagination is a quality inherent in gifted individuals. Cancer-Dogs are quite capable of taking place in the creative field, they have a special passion for acting and literary work. Despite its fragility and sensitivity, Cancer-Dog is an active nature.

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Easily adapts to new conditions, takes correct, and most importantly, timely decisions. Lucky in business, has a flair for bargain-hunting. He is not indifferent to money, he aspires to find a profession that guarantees high material prosperity. Dog-Cancer is aimed at the result, in the first place he is interested in leadership positions. With great pleasure he takes part in large-scale projects - vain and ambitious. Cautious Cancer-Dog man does not enter into spiritual conversations with unfamiliar people, keeps a little detached. This behavior is protection, carefully guarding yourself against unnecessary worries.

With close acquaintance it turns out to be a pleasant person, a true friend. The man of this sign combination is a dreamer, has a rich imagination, at times he is too fond of fantasies.

Dog horoscope 12222

But in business he is smart, thanks to a strong intuition he happily avoids failures. In personal relations is completely given to the power of the chosen one, this is a soft, compliant partner. He does not like scandals, he is always polite and helpful. Although trying to win the role of leader, skillfully manipulates the feelings of a woman, tries to tie her to himself, presses on pity. Cancer-Dog is a woman who has a subtle sense of people, capable of compassion. She is ready to help not only in words, but also in real deeds.

Despite the external fragility, a fairly strong personality. Quite confidently she walks up the career ladder, tries to cope with her experiences, in actions shows sobriety and calculation. Work is the only thing you might do in excess. Therefore, when you need to stop, stop!

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Get involved in physical activities, spend time outdoors and recover your strength on a weekly basis. This way, everything is going to be perfect. Money : The owl is a Feng Shui symbol of wisdom, knowledge, which helps to eliminate ignorance. It is used for learning and for developing the skills needed professionally. The Feng Shui masters claim that the owl has the gift to create an energy of wealth, attracting a feeling of safety and inner comfort.

Therefore, the owl is a special symbol of wealth. It is recommended to place such a figurine in your office, if your work is intense and if you have great responsibilities. For children, it must be placed on the study desk! A Feng Shui owl can be a special gift for scientists, students or for managers of big companies born under the Dog zodiac sign.

The Dog natives are addicted to freedom and loyal in love, but they are fearful. In , they might find their soul mates in the person of a Tiger or Horse native. A Dog-Tiger couple can have a lasting marriage. A relationship that should be avoided with no regrets is the one with the Dragon. A Dog-Rabbit couple has all the chances of enjoying a harmonious life.