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    What can be made out of these two categories of the planets? Now one would be curious on how the nakshatras are used in horoscope analysis. To know this wait for the subsequent article on the topic. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your astrology horoscope posts and though it was cool Alright, well Sunday, October 02, AM. Dear Sir, Believing that many people still waiting for part two of this article.

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    Yr distance student L Than. Thursday, September 06, AM. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Marriage Compatibility - October 06, Marriage compatibility is an important contribution of Jyotish to the world as only it can foresee any problems in the married life of a couple and can precisely determine which area shall the problem root from. This is done with kuta matching as enumerated by Harihara in his immortal classic Prasna Marga. However, it is not possible to match all the kutas and here we must appreciate that nothing in this world is perfect and we need to compromise at various places.

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    Compromises may be made in various kutas, however it should not be made in the five important kutas namely vasya, mahendra, yoni, Janma Rasi and lord of the Janma Rasi. There are three more kutas, which are to be considered very important, viz.

    Besides this the Brahmins should also consider Gotra Kuta. There are two kinds of Kutas, one which contribute points towards a 36 point scheme and the others that do not.

    Read more. Number of children1.

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    The number of children can be found out by counting the Navamsa gained by the 5th lord. For example, the 5th lord is placed in Virgo Rasi and Gemini Navamsa. This is however a crude method can can be used with care. Rath says that, for this method to work, the 5th lord should be placed with the Jupiter Karaka for Navamsa. However, from an illustration given in Page of COVA, we see that this is not a necessary condition. Here Mars is not associated or aspected by Jupiter, but the Lagna is aspected by Jupiter from the 7th, through Rasi and Graha Drsti both.

    Here we might conclude that for this method to work, Jupiter should be strongly placed in the horoscope and influence the factors of progeny. Lagna represents the ideals of the native and his intelligence.